Essential Vocabulary for Ordering Jianbing

If you’re sick of doing the old point and grunt routine when you’re at your local jianbing vendor in China, why not take a few minutes to learn some Mandarin that will help you look like a pro. It’s time. It really is. Do it for World Jianbing Day (April 30 from 2019 ’til eternity).

First off, let’s take a look at some of the jianbing ingredients that are usually present in the standard jianbing.

Standard Jianbing Ingredients in China

葱 cōng – scallions

香菜  xiāng cài – cilantro/coriander

甜面酱 tián miàn jiàng – sweet bean sauce

辣椒 là jiāo  – chili paste

薄脆 báo cuì – fried wonton skin

鸡蛋 jī dàn – (chicken) egg

Optional Jianbing Ingredients

香肠 -xiāng cháng  – “sausage”

鸡肉 jī ròu – chicken

生菜 -shēng cài  – lettuce

油条 yóu tiáo – Chinese crueler (fried dough)

Useful Verbs For Ordering Jianbing

要加 yào jiā- want to add

不要 bu yào  – don’t want

多加 duōj jiā – add extra

少放 shǎo fàng – add just a little…

Now, Let’s Order a Jianbing

师傅,拿一个煎饼 Shīfu, ná yi ge jiānbing.

Mrs/Ms, I’d like one jiānbing.


师傅,拿一个煎饼 Shīfu, nái yi ge jiānbing. 

Mrs/Ms, I’d like a jiānbing.”


Counting on one Hand in China


Making Phrases With Verb + Ingredient

不要辣椒bù yào làjiāo – I don’t want chili

要加鸡肉 yào jiā jīròu – I want to add chicken

Hand Over the Money  (6-15 RMB/$1-2 – 2019 prices)

多少钱? Duō shǎo qián? – How much is it?

谢谢  xièxiè – Thanks

Congratulations, you did it! If you’ve been wanting to improve your Chinese, we always encourage starting with food vocabulary and menus as a starting point – after all, you have to eat three times a day, and the language experts encourage learning material that you’re interested in. Food, language, BINGO!

If you’re looking for the best jianbing in China, join us on a Shanghai Street Eats Breakfast food tour or Beijing Hutong Breakfast culinary adventure, where we sample jianbing and loads of other traditional Chinese street snacks. Or check out our handy online jianbing locator.


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