Lamb Overload: Street Food in Xinjiang

After spending two weeks in Xinjiang, I’ve eaten more than my fair share of lamb. In fact after returning to Shanghai, I almost considered going vegetarian for a couple weeks just to recalibrate the cosmic seesaw that is my digestive system. Then I smelled bacon.

Here’s some of the culinary highlights from my trip. And to find out if it all looks as good as it tastes, join UnTour Shanghai‘s Friday Muslim Market tour, where you’ll eat smoky skewers of lamb, just-baked naan and steamed pumpkin dumplings in Shanghai’s city limits.

Chickpea salad in a Kashgar restaurant
Sweet syrupy dates in yogurt









Xinjiang's lamb are famous for the fat bottoms.
Getting ready for dinner in Kashar
Polo at a Tajik festival in Tashkurgan
Lamb pockets in Khotan









Pumpkin dumplings at the Khotan Night Market
Pulling Noodles, Khotan Style
An entire table of naan. nom nom nom
Making lamb dumplings to order at the Turpan night market
The finished product, topped with beans! Best meal of the trip.









The second half of the best meal of the trip. It doesn't look like much, but that lamb was marinated in yogurt and slathered in spices before being cooked to an unholy carnivorous perfection. I shall dream of this lamb forever.
See? Told ya. RMB 2, ya'll.
This babushka made some serious cold noodles.









Kebabs on the Streets of Kashgar
Three words: Fatty. Lamb. Kebabs.
I could eat lamb polo every day. You know how I know? Because I did.







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