Marathon gadgetry in Asia taken to a whole new level

File this under gadgets we don’t see taking off anytime soon. Would you like to run a marathon with a contraption so large it has to be strapped to your chest, all so you can tweet and livestream every bit of data possible, from your heart rate and pace, to the weather conditions?

Information Overload

Considering a marathon is pretty much hard enough as it is, we’ll go with no. But that didn’t stop one intrepid runner in the Tokyo marathon. Check out the video below.

I can’t tell if it’s delusion, or just raw enthusiasm coupled with sarcasm that makes him think that the Apple stores are going to be carrying this soon.

Major jogs, races, marathons, 5km, 8km in Shanghai and China in 2011, include:

Shanghai Jinqiao 8km

The Great Wall Marathon
Half Marathon, 10 km & 5 km on the Great Wall of China – May 11, 2011

Beijing Marathon – October 16

Shanghai Marathon– TBD, Usually held in December. For more info on the Shanghai marathon, check my earlier post on tips and a race report.

Xiamen Marathon – January 2nd (passed, check back soon for 2012 date)

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