running in china

Yes, There were runners in China in the 1950’s

And we have photographic evidence! Shanghaiist has a cool gallery up of what Beijing used to look like before they quadrupled the size of Tiananmen Square. Here’s the one of the runners, but click through for more black and white historical goodness. … Read More

Marathon gadgetry in Asia taken to a whole new level

File this under gadgets we don’t see taking off anytime soon. Would you like to run a marathon with a contraption so large it has to be strapped to your chest, all so you can tweet and livestream every bit of data possible, from your heart rate and pace, to the weather conditions? … Read More

Shanghai Runner Completes More than 100 Marathons

For charity, managing to raise a ton of money! Swoon! Well, he’s not exactly a Shanghai native, but he did teach English here prior to working his way counter-clockwise around Britain in 26.2 mile increments,  meaning he must have done … Read More