Running Tips for Spring in Shanghai

It’s finally getting beautiful out here in Shanghai, and I’m just back in from a run in Xujiahui Park. It’s a nice place to jog, day or night as it’s fairly well lit.

Many people will start to get the urge to run  again after a long winter hibernation in Shanghai ordering Sherpas and Nosh delivery, so here are some running tips to keep you safe and injury free.

1) Don’t try too much too fast. The biggest cause of injury is usually getting shin splints, which can be debilitating, and take months off your training schedule if you’re prepping for a marathon.

Tip: Be sure to mix in other forms of exercise, especially in the beginning. Swimming, yoga, etc. Pounding the pavement 6 days a week after months of not exercising is brutal to your bones

Shanghai china running on the bund

2) Get a running buddy to keep you motivated. If you think you don’t know anyone else who runs, just start casually mentioning you’ve been running in conversations, and you’ll be sure to find someone who says “Oh, I’ve been meaning to start running!!”
Tip: Mornings and evenings are best, due to traffic in the city. However, sunny days with a light breeze mean the air can be surprisingly fresh if you’re not running directly on a busy street. Century Park is a great Pudong running area.

3) Find a goal, or something to fun for. If you’re training with a reason in mind, such as an upcoming race, you’re much more likely to stick to your fitness goals.
Tip: The Shanghai Jinqiao 8 km race is coming up. The Shanghai Marathon takes place every December.

4) Still overwhelmed? We can help. For a primer on running in Shanghai, we can show you many fun places to run in Shanghai. With routes from 8-27 km, we’ve got tons of ideas for how to keep it ineteresting. Good for singles, groups of expat friends, or just visitors to Shanghai, we’ll show you fun routes all over the city.

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