Gluten Free Dining in Shanghai & Beijing

Eating gluten-free in China is not going to be the easiest of tasks. But this bilingual card courtesy of Celiac Travel may be just your ticket when dining out here in Shanghai & Beijing. It briefly explains the seriousness of the condition and what exactly you can eat, in Chinese. Even in Shanghai & Beijing, most waiters and kitchen staff won’t speak English, so having this in Chinese characters is essential.

Bilingual Celiac Card

We often get custom tour requests for those traveling for business or pleasure in Shanghai with Celiac disease. However we are unable to accommodate most requests. For gluten free guests who are ok with soy sauce (some varieties have small amounts of gluten), our Shanghai Night Eats or Old Beijing Dinner food tours will also have a variety of dishes to try.

For more info on dining gluten free in Shanghai, try this community.

For more info on dining gluten free in Beijing, try this community.

Best of luck!

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