Shanghai Runner Completes More than 100 Marathons

For charity, managing to raise a ton of money! Swoon! Well, he’s not exactly a Shanghai native, but he did teach English here prior to working his way counter-clockwise around Britain in 26.2 mile increments,  meaning he must have done a lot of endurance training in our fair city prior to that.

One-time Shanghai Resident goes Mad for Marathons!
Mad for Marathons!

According to Urbanatomy (a great online resource for visitors with info and listings and what’s going on in Shanghai):

“Neil O’Maonaigh-Lennon left Shanghai for Britain this summer a man on a mission – to run 105 marathons in 105 days and raise GBP10,000 for cancer research in the process.”

In an attempt to break the official record of 52 consecutive marathons (that’s one each day folks), he used satellite tracking technology in order to help verify his claim of 105. Hopefully Guinness complies and honors his heroic feat!

Although we’re not quite that high-tech here at UnTour Shanghai, we do run with an iPhone 4, equipped with the iMapMyRun app. It’s a really cool piece of technology that helps record your route, distance, pace, etc. What’s even better is that even if you don’t have international data roaming turned on, or your phone isn’t jailbroken to function in China, it still works. The route isn’t spot on, but it’s actually surprisingly close. It’s a great resource for visitors or residents alike who want to keep a virtual scrapbook of their runs. After you’re done you can easily tweet and update your facebook status as well.

We all have read that journaling your physical activity helps keep New Year’s resolutions going throughout the year, so this might just be the fun, high-tech solution we’ve all been waiting for. If you’re more of a run-with-someone type, or are afraid of getting lost, check out all our options for guided sightseeing jogs in Shanghai! And we even offer an extra long running route for our guests who don’t want to disrupt their training schedules during their travels!

Happy running!

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