A Very Chinglish Shanghai Marathon

When you sign up for the Toray Shanghai Marathon, you are asked to provide a cell phone contact number. This year, that meant being the recipient of a series of well-intentioned, but inadvertently hilarious text messages full of “tips.” The last 3 … Read More

Catch the Runner’s High in Shanghai

For the athlete, there is obvious logic here: Why ingest something potentially harmful to yourself, when you can go on a run and produce the same good feelings for free? And lose weight. And live longer. And see new sights and places when you’re in a new city … Read More

Shanghai Runner Completes More than 100 Marathons

For charity, managing to raise a ton of money! Swoon! Well, he’s not exactly a Shanghai native, but he did teach English here prior to working his way counter-clockwise around Britain in 26.2 mile increments,  meaning he must have done … Read More