Shanghai’s Newest Malt Whisky Bar (French Concession)

Is called Malt Fun.

We weren’t sure if it was going to be a giant milkshake store, or serve 40’s of malt liquor, but we’ve been watching this space progress over the past month, and it looks like they’re almost open.

Based on the giant Glenmorangie sign they just hung up outside, we’re guessing it’s going to specialize in malt whiskeys. It actually looks quite classy on the inside and like it may have a cool vibe. Not too tacky, not toooo….local. But it’s still too early to tell, and we haven’t seen a menu yet. We’ll update this post as more info come in! Stay tuned!

It’s located at the corner of Wukang Lu and Hunan Lu (123 Hunan Lu to be precise) in Xuhui district. Think just up the block from Ferguson Lane, and down the block from Yongfu Lu bar street.

The place is in soft-opening now. For true whisky lovers, this place is a sure-fire hit. Everything from the basics, to 30 year aged whiskeys, from 60-600 RMB per glass, this has something for everyone. Classic cocktails as well, but may as well stick with the owner’s clear obsession. Menus are on iPads (the future is now), and there is a variety of seating options for small groups, quiet dates, chatting at the bar, all in a dimly lit-yet-inviting setting.
Word on the street is there is a soft-grand opening party this Friday night (July 29, 2011). Check it out!

Malt Whisky Bar Shanghai
Putting the finishing touches on

123 Hunan Lu, near Wukang Lu, Xuhui district (徐汇区湖南路123号, 近武康路)

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