The Coolest Running Path in The World?

I think so. At least in the “Urban Trails” category. I’ll detail my run up to the top of Victoria’s Peak in Hong Kong in a later post, but this is definitely a secret worth sharing.

running in HK

While most tourists take the tram or bus to the top and mill around the mall area and viewing platforms, there is a loop path that starts just to the back of all the stores, and provides arguably the best view on the island. It’s just a few kilometers of basically flat paths through jungle hills, spectacular (and sometimes crumbling) real estate, and amazing views of the bay, Central, and Kowloon. Most tourists don’t find it, so it’s quite runnable, even during the middle of the day.

It’s easy to find, just get off the tram, go in the direction towards the back side of HK (towards the antique trolley), and the path starts back and off to the right.

Happy Qing Ming Jie (清明节)
Chinese Clan Architecture Fading Away

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