UnTour Celebrates Three Years By Giving Away Three Tours!

2013 has been an absolutely amazing year for us over here at UnTour. We’ve been featured in the New York Times – not once, but two times – and our friends across the Pond at the Guardian also gave us some vegetarian love. We are just tickled pink!

The great private driver app Uber teamed up with us to give all of our guests a free ride to our tours in one of their Mercedes or Audi sedans. Culinary Backstreets is featuring great reviews of local places every week. We were invited to speak at M on the Bund’s Food Talk in October. And, last but not least, we caught this amazing video of some seriously hip grannies performing Gangnam Style in Xiangyang Park in March. Amazing.

We are so incredibly grateful to our guests and our wonderful guides for helping make this year our most successful yet – we’re the luckiest guys in the world to be surrounded by such supportive and gluttonous friends.  It has been an absolute pleasure to dine with all of you and to show our appreciation, we’re giving away two tickets to any of our public tours to three foodies – one for each year we’ve spent eating our way through Shanghai. To enter the competition, all you have to do is upload a delicious picture on instagram with the hashtag #untourshanghai. There’s no limits here, although we have to admit we’re partial to street food. We’ll be selecting winners at the end of the month, so get eating and snapping.

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Vegetarian Dining Guide to Shanghai

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