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If you’re a foodie in Shanghai and are looking for interesting events, M on the Bund has an ongoing series of food and wine talks, as well as a range of historical and musical events. You can find the whole range of events here: http://www.m-restaurantgroup.com/mbund/Upcoming-events.html

In case you missed it, we gave a talk on the state of Shanghai street food last Friday. We can’t post the whole presentation here, but we’ve put together a handout that covers some of our favorite vendors, restaurants, and street food places left in the city. You can get the gist of it below:

M on the Bund & UnTour Shanghai Food Talk: Shanghai’s Street Food Culture

October 18, 2013

Remaining food streets


NW corner of Xiangyang Lu, near Changle Lu (襄阳路近长乐路)


-Night Markets:

Seafood specialty: Shouning Lu, near Xizang Nan Lu (寿宁路,近西藏南路)

Big variety: Sipailou Lu, near Fangbang Lu, near (方浜中,  近四牌楼路)


Our favorites

-Shengjianbao (生煎包)at Da Hu Chun, for more info:


-Congyoubing (葱油饼) at A Da’s, for more info:


-Jianbing (煎饼) – head to the breakfast corner mentioned above or be on the lookout all around town, generally before 11am, for more info: http://www.culinarybackstreets.com/shanghai/2013/shanghai-street-foods/

-Guotie (锅贴) –  at Hu Ji, for more info check #2: http://www.culinarybackstreets.com/shanghai/2013/shanghai-street-foods/

-Late Night Youtiao & Doujiang (油条,豆浆) – at Lao Shaoxing Doujiang Dian – 309 ZhaoZhou Lu, near Jianguoxin Lu – 黄浦区肇周路309号,近建国新路)

-Other late night dining spots: http://www.culinarybackstreets.com/shanghai/2013/shanghai-late-night-dining/


How to find good street food

The “Yelp” of China is called Dianping. It can be found at www.Dianping.com or as an app from the App Store.

-Check out our blog, Culinary Backstreets Shanghai for weekly reviews, www.CulinaryBackstreets.com/Shanghai


Our tips for staying safe

-Find them all on our post entitled: Ask CB: Food Safety in China? http://www.culinarybackstreets.com/shanghai/2013/food-safety-in-china/

Download the app, Save your life in China Manual (Chinese only), search: 中国求生手册 in the app store


Our favorites

-Kyle: Sesame peanut noodles at Wei Xiang Zhai, for more info:


-Jamie: Biangbiang noodles at Zhu Que Men



UnTour Shanghai’s tour offerings

-Street Eats Breakfast: Sunday & Tuesday AM @ 8:00am

-Oodles of Noodles: Monday @ 2:00pm

-Dumpling Delights: Wednesday & Saturday @ 10:30am

-Street East Night Markets: Thursday @ 7:00pm

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