UnTour Shanghai + Chifan for Charity = Success!

Here’s a cause a culinary tour company can really get behind: Eating for charity! Chifan [to eat] for Charity is a great annual event that supports Heart 2 Heart, a volunteer based Community Outreach Group which provides support and financial assistance to needy Chinese children who require heart surgery to repair their congenital heart defects. The event brings together some of the city’s foremost names in the dining scene for a night of fun and giving (and eating).

This year they raised over RMB 25,000 through their event and silent auction, and we’re proud to say we helped raise RMB 9,000 thanks to our donations of culinary tours, including our new Dumpling Delights half-day Shanghai food tour ! Woohoo!

If you’re looking to get involved with this great cause, check out their website for more opportunities.

For more info on the event, or to help out for next year, check out their info site.

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