UnTour Shanghai is Hiring!

Want to get paid to eat? Like meeting other Shanghai residents who LOVE food?

We are hiring outgoing, passionate tour guides available on a part time/freelance basis for a growing culinary tourism company.

Who we are: A top-rated walking culinary tour company based in Shanghai. We cater to tourists/expats who want to know more about the food scene in Shanghai. Since 2010, we’ve taken thousands of guests on eating adventures in the city, with extremely positive feedback and many guests reporting back that it was the highlight of their time in China.

What we do: Guided, informal, three hour walking tours highlighting the city’s tastiest, most authentic eats and more. We will never carry a flag, and only do small, intimate groups. Each tour has 4-6 tasting stops in local neighborhood food stalls that are popular with locals but may be intimidating for outsiders. You won’t have scripts to memorize; rather you should feel comfortable sharing your knowledge about the city, Chinese culture, food & life in engaging, natural conversation.

Who you are: A native-English speaker with a flexible schedule. Must speak proficient Chinese, have an advanced food knowledge (and willingness to eat everything), and have lived in China for 18+ months (at least 12 of which were in Shanghai). Tai-tais, journalists, passionate eaters, freelancers with spare time or full-time workers with nights and weekends are all welcome! We need anywhere from 3-15 hours per week, to start. Additional European languages a plus, but only Chinese and native (or near native) English are firm requirements.

Remuneration is competitive, and good guides often receive tips and bonuses in addition to their wages.

To apply, please fill out the application online here.

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