UnTour’s Food Tours Ranks in Top 11 Cool Things to Do in Shanghai

Shanghai Food Tour UnTour

When Hannah Berry George of Metro UK came to Shanghai for just 72 hours, she declared 11 Cool Things to See & Do in the City. The list ticked off some of our favorite spots in the city – Tianzifang, M50 and a massage to beat the jet lag – but ranked third was UnTour Shanghai’s Hands-On Dumpling Delights Tour.

3. Take an UnTour Dumpling Delights Tour

If there’s one thing you do, make sure you eat the 芝麻汤圆 Zhima tangyuan – a black sesame paste glutinous rice ball that looks like a lychee and tastes like a sugar puff – at Qibao Laojie Tangyuan.

Zhima tangyuan – a black sesame paste glutinous rice ball  


Available every Tuesday & Saturday at 10am for RMB 550 per person, including a hands-on cooking class where we make Shanghai’s classic shengjianbao, click here to book your dumpling tour now!


UnTour Shanghai is Hiring!
How to Spend 72 Hours in Shanghai? With UnTour!

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