Wandersnap + UnTour Food Tours – Awesome Vacation Photos for A Great Cause

So your big vacation to Asia is coming up, and you want to document every moment! The problem is, you want to be in the photos instead of behind the camera. What can be done?

Wandersnap is the answer to all of your photo needs! For a flexible hourly rate, you can have beautiful pictures of your vacation’s best moments, and even better, you’ll be creating jobs for low-income, low-opportunity locals! For every booking, $5 goes to training local youth in photography: they’ll have a marketable, practical skill, and you’ll have amazing photos!
You can choose the photography style that best suits you: DSLR, phone camera, drone, or even underwater camera! How cool is that?

For examples of more beautiful photos, check out Wandersnap’s website at wandersnap.co, or find them on social media at @wandersnap!




Even better, you can win a two-hour private Wandersnap photoshoot and much, much more by submitting your best photo of Chinese food to #UnTourContest or @untourfoodtour! Visit UnTour’s facebook page for more information!

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