You Can Never Have Enough Chinglish in Your Life

There’s nothing like a good bout of Chinglish to help along a long day at work. One of our favorite local bloggers, Life on Nanchang Lu, rounded up her best shots of the grammatical snafus that trip up Chinese speakers of the English language and posted them in this delightful post for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

For those who love grammar errors and hilarious misspellings as much as we do, join our all-in-good-fun Chinglish tour that will delight the linguistically curious, slightly immature, and academics who need a bit of an etymological explanation. Guests should come hungry, because we’ve got a Chinglish menu to put all other Chinglish menus to shame – luckily it’s just an all around delicious joint as well, so the Chinglish is just an added bonus. And we reverse roles with a calligraphy class for those cocky native English speakers! Contact us for even more info!

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