Your Guide to Massages in Shanghai + Discount

It’s something we can’t stress enough – when you’re in Shanghai, whether for business or pleasure, you need to take a break and get a traditional Chinese massage. Compared to just about everywhere else in the Western world, they are quite affordable and the technicians really know what they’re doing.

That being said, there are a few things to know:

-The Chinese like it rough: Don’t be afraid to tell them to lighten up a bit. However, the massages are often meant to work out kinks and cleanse the body of toxins, not necessarily be relaxing in the moment. That being said, it’s your massage, and you aren’t offending by asking for more or less pressure.

-Go for the feet: It may seem like an hour on just the feet is a waste of time, but if you’ve been walking a lot, your feet will feel like you’re walking on air after. It’s truly amazing.

-There are massages at every budget: Hotel spas can often be unforgettable, but they are usually about 10x the price. Budget massages on the street in Shanghai can be found for as little as RMB 40-85/hour, but you may find an unsatisfactory ambience (smoking, mahjong, TVs blaring, scantily clad ladies, etc.).

Thus, we can recommend something firmly in the middle: Elements Day Spa

Mention UnTour and you’ll get 15% off every time. Conveniently located in the French Concession, near Fuxing Park, the studio is clean, soothing, everyone is friendly and knowledgable, and tea is always served. Prices start at about RMB 150 per hour massage, and up, pre-discount. They also do, nails, waxing, facials, and more.

Phone: 5386 0060
Address: 84 Nanchang Lu, near Yandang Lu. 南昌路84号, 近雁荡路

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