10 Reasons to Keep Your Jogging Routine up in Shanghai (Part 1 of 2)

When you’re traveling for business or leisure, one of the first things to go out the window is often your well-established fitness routines. There is something about being in another country or city that just pushes that priority out the window. This can be troublesome for anyone training for a specific event, such as a marathon for example, but finds them away from their home trails and gyms for a while.

That’s one of the main reasons we started UnTour Shanghai’s Jogging sightseeing tours. If you’re traveling, you probably want to sightsee a bit, but fitting in both fitness time and touring is often difficult-especially if you’re working around business meetings. We’ve combined jogging and sightseeing in fun routes of various distances in order to kill two birds with one stone.

Here are some strong health-related reasons to persuade you to keep up your consistent fitness routine while traveling, even in Shanghai, courtesy of Runner’s World:

Look Ahead

People who run more than 35 miles a week are 54 percent less likely to suffer age-related vision loss than those who cover 10 miles a week.

Keep the Beat

Runners who log a weekly run of 10 miles (or more) are 39 percent less likely to use high blood pressure meds and 34 percent less likely to need cholesterol meds compared with those who don’t go farther than 3 miles.


Function Well

Men who burn at least 3,000 calories per week (equal to about five hours of running) are 83 percent less likely to have severe erectile dysfunction.


Build Bone

Running strengthens bones better than other aerobic activities, say University of Missouri researchers who compared the bone density of runners and cyclists. Sixty-three percent of the cyclists had low density in their spine or hips; only 19 percent of runners did.


Think Fast

British workers were surveyed on a day they worked out and a day they didn’t. People said they made fewer mistakes, concentrated better, and were more productive on the day they were active.

We’ll finish up the list in another upcoming post!

10 Reasons to Keep Your Jogging Routine up in Shanghai (Part 2 of 2)
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