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More Guest Feedback from our Shanghai Running Tour

From a recent guest, Kate, from Australia: “I loved my run through Shanghai with Kyle from UnTour, in fact it was a highlight of my stay. I saw Old Shanghai early in the morning which was fascinating and I was … Read More

10 Reasons to Keep Your Jogging Routine up in Shanghai (Part 1 of 2)

When you’re traveling for business or leisure, one of the first things to go out the window is often your well-established fitness routines. There is something about being in another country or city that just pushes that priority out the … Read More

Being a Tourist in Shanghai Without Feeling Like One

Check out this great write-up by Ctrip, the ticketing people behind the great China travel site, We did the Run This Town tour together, and here’s is just a snippet of their report! Launched last year by expat pals … Read More

Exercise Early for Maximum Benefits

According to a recent study detailed in the New York Times, researchers in Belgium found that those who exercise before eating breakfast, even if they absolutely gorged on food later in the day, ultimately reaped the most health benefits from … Read More