Shanghai’s Fake Beach…

…is actually pretty glorious. Keeping up with all the hot spots in town is sometimes just as hard and time-consuming as it sounds. But, our dear readers and UnTour guests, we do it all for you.

This has been circulating around the interwebs for a few months now, and we actually went at the beginning of the month when we were just on the cusp of beach weather. “The Sunny Beach at Cool Docks” requires just a 20 RMB entry fee, which gets you access to what is essentially a giant sandbox. There are chairs and umbrellas, and large areas of open sand space, which will probably be key once word really gets out and the sunny days come on the weekends.

For now, we’re happy we freelance and UnTour, so as to have plenty of time to go mid-week and work on our tan when the crowds are busy across the river in their Lujiazui high-rise. Check out the pics, and call Sandy (haha) the Manager, if you have any issues.

Apparently you can BYOB, etc. We haven’t tested this, but the place seemed quite relaxed for now. You get great river views, in front, wireless signal from the Waterhouse Hotel in back, and a parking lot on the side. All things considered, totally worth it. Have your taxi drop you off at Cool Docks, and just walk back towards the river near the Waterhouse corner, and you can’t miss it.  Address: 外码路, 近毛家园路


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