Where to Eat Peking Duck in Beijing Near Tiananmen Square

Best peking duck

You can’t come to Beijing without eating the best Peking duck AND visiting Tiananmen Square, so why not check them both off the list in one go? Bian Yi Fang is the perfect choice for the best Peking duck. It’s history dates back to the 1400s and it’s current incarnation dates back to 1855. You’ll find it just south of Tian’anmen Square, on the corner of Qianmen East Road (which begins at Qianmen Subway Station Exit B, and continues south away from the square) and Xian Yu Kou Street (which runs east-west, a few streets behind Capital M).

Plan on getting a half duck if you are 1-2 people, and a full duck for every 3-4 guests thereafter. Order a few side dishes as well to round out the meal – your chef will come table-side to carve the bird. Don’t forget to eat the crispy skin – it’s what makes this the quintessential Beijing dish and a unique dining experience.

To get there directly in a cab you can show the driver the following address:


前门南边的鲜鱼口街65-77号 (鲜鱼口街和前门东路的路口)便宜坊烤鸭店


If you’re looking for a great evening in Beijing, have you checked out UnTour’s Old Beijing Dinner tour? It’s a 3-hour walking tour of the city’s best hidden culinary gems, including free-flow beer and local spirits. UnTour’s friendly, bilingual guides take you away from the touristy markets and get you eating shoulder to shoulder with local diners. We don’t sample Beijing duck on the tour, so it is a worthwhile addition to your dining plans for Beijing.

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