Bangkok Street Food

Just back from sunny Bangkok. Here’s some delicious photos of Bangkok’s boom street food scene. … Read More

Get Ready for Your Trip to Shanghai

Shanghai, on the other hand, is usually best done with a bit of prior planning. A little local knowledge can go a long way, and looking up things you are interested in ahead of time is always a good idea. Of course, we’d recommend a running tour of the city if you like to see things on the go, while keeping active in your training. … Read More

Cooking With Jean Georges

A cooking demonstration with Jean Georges, complete with his sriracha citrus emulsion recipe. … Read More

Chinglish Restaurant Menus are THE BEST

Although it is a quickly-disappearing art form, we have a hilariously good fun Chinglish tour that will delight the linguistically curious, slightly immature, and academics who need a bit of an etymological explanation. … Read More

Hand Pulled Noodles in Shanghai (拉面)

This is just a short glimpse into the beauty of fresh, hand-pulled noodles. Experiencing it in person means basking in the aroma of the cilantro beef broth, hearing your table mates slurp up the noodles in appreciation, and of course reveling in the deliciousness of it all. … Read More