Boiled Coke With Ginger

I found this tasty drink at Cha’s Diner, a Hong Kong-style gem in Shanghai. Literally everything is good on the menu but this was still a tasty surprise for a dreary winter day. Go check it out! Or join UnTour … Read More

Shanghai Runner Completes More than 100 Marathons

For charity, managing to raise a ton of money! Swoon! Well, he’s not exactly a Shanghai native, but he did teach English here prior to working his way counter-clockwise around Britain in 26.2 mile increments,  meaning he must have done … Read More

Chinese Tea Master

In recent years, Chinese tea has crossed oceans with more regularity as orders from foreigners come flying in, fuelled by scientific studies linking tea consumption with a host of health benefits. But for the lucky residents of Shanghai, we’re just … Read More

Stay Fit and Less Hungover with Yoga in Shanghai

There’s something about the very mention of yoga that causes most non-believers to immediately roll their eyes or tune out of the conversation completely. It’s probably the new-agey preachiness of yogi masters helping you to find balance in life in … Read More

Tips and Hints for Running the Shanghai Marathon

Like most international events that are held in China, the Shanghai Marathon 2010 was something of a unique experience. We’ll just call it an international marathon with Chinese characteristics. All in all it was a great experience,  even filled with … Read More