Chinglish Restaurant Menus are THE BEST

Although it is a quickly-disappearing art form, we have a hilariously good fun Chinglish tour that will delight the linguistically curious, slightly immature, and academics who need a bit of an etymological explanation. … Read More

Hand Pulled Noodles in Shanghai (拉面)

This is just a short glimpse into the beauty of fresh, hand-pulled noodles. Experiencing it in person means basking in the aroma of the cilantro beef broth, hearing your table mates slurp up the noodles in appreciation, and of course reveling in the deliciousness of it all. … Read More

Shanghai’s Dining Scene Snubbed

The recent release of The Miele Guide was another slap to the face of mainland China, and more specifically, the country’s economic hub that we call home. … Read More

Types of Chinese Tea

Types of Chinese Tea The leaves used to make all types of tea come from the same plant, Camellia sinensis.After being harvested, the leaves are then processed and oxidised to create so many different types of the beverage that one ancient … Read More

In Defense of Shanghainese Cuisine

Shanghainese food is the ugly red-headed stepchild of Chinese food. Declared too sweet by residents of Dongbei and too oily by our Canton neighbours to the South, most Shanghainese specialties aren’t exported heavily, and they’re invariably poorly executed when they … Read More