Delicacies on Your Doorstep – Sherpa’s Delivery in Beijing & Shanghai

One of China’s original and most beloved features is its incredible selection of food for delivery. Whether you’re working hard and don’t have time to go out for lunch, or you have a craving for something far away and the metro is closing, you’ll never have to go hungry! Shanghai’s popular food delivery service, Sherpa’s, has got you covered.


Decked out in those iconic orange uniforms, Sherpa’s delivery-guys are essentially based gods: they knock on your door and deliver meals from a large range of Shanghai’s best restaurants, especially international ones. (For more Chinese food, try eleme.)


Sherpa’s delivery fees start at 15 rmb, but those fees are waived on orders placed during Sherpa’s happy hour from 4:30-5:30pm on weekdays! You can order everything from fragrant and flavorful Thai and Indian food to classic pizza and burgers: just type your address into the website, and Sherpa’s will tell you what restaurants are available for delivery to your area.

For those of you who like to sip while you chew, Sherpa’s also delivers drinks (like beer, wine, ciders, and non-alcoholic beverages.) In fact, word on the street is that you can win 300 rmb worth of imported wine delivered straight to your door!


How might you do that? It’s almost too easy to be true! Just snap a pic of Chinese food, tag #UnTourContest or @untourfoodtour to enter to win that 300 rmb of wine, a free foodie trip for two to Beijing, and much much more! To find out more information, visit UnTour Food Tours on their website at or on social media via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Find Sherpa’s online at and on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you need to send a message, add them on Wechat and Weibo too!


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