NAKED Nut Butters – More than Skippy

As orAS_mLJoBc80ROcoM2GErxlocadh8IYrCxiygm28hMmost nut-butter lovers in China are well aware, choices are slim when shopping at the local grocery store! One might find some Chinese peanut butters and black sesame spread on the shelf next to Skippy, which definitely works in a pinch. But if you’re looking for something artisanal and handcrafted, you might have to look for other sources…



Sources such as NAKED nut butters! This handmade nut butter company was was founded in 2016 by two health food enthusiasts, Meredith Sides and Katie Tarrant. Meredith’s addiction to nut butters fell in line with Katie’s passion for making homemade products.




Timg_3946he secret to making the nut butters is in the name: less is more. NAKED nut butters uses minimal ingredients to create almond and cashew butter blends that are abundant in flavor. The nut butter ladies now live by their motto: Get Naked and Go Nuts! (You don’t have to tell me twice!)


A simple combination of ingredients, like almonds, honey and dark chocolate, can result in the most delicious spread. You might even want to skip the bread or crackers and rely on that trusty spoon (everyone does it, trust me.)

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NAKED nut butters is Wechat based, making it super easy for the local population to order their little jars of happiness. If you live in Beijing and want to get your paws on some, just scan the QR code below!


But what if you don’t live in Beijing and still want to eat some of this delicious nut butter? Never fear! You can win NAKED nut butter for free simply by taking a picture of Chinese food and tagging #UnTourContest or @untourfoodtour by March 31st to be considered for the grand prize… A trip for two to Beijing, luxury accommodations, NAKED nut butter, and much more!

Visit UnTour online to find out more information via our website, or on social media via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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