What is Honeymoon Dessert & Where to Find it in Shanghai

Are you mystified by the dessert shops you see around Beijing & Shanghai? Wonder no longer, our resident Untour artist-in-residence created this handy infographic about one particular chain, Honeymoon Dessert Shanghai, explaining everything you need to know about the ubiquitous Hong Kong-origin shops.


Click the link for a map (Chinese) to find your closest branch in Shanghai.
Hours: Generally 10am-10pm.

Locations: You’ll generally find these in most mid-range and above mall food court/basement levels (there’s around 50 locations in Shanghai alone, so you’re never far from a delicious dessert.

To explore more dessert options, find out more on our dinnertime tour in Shanghai. Food tours run nightly at 7pm and include several dessert options.

*Infographic designed by UnTour’s 2017 Intern, the talented, Sabrina Greene

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