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Airmule will pay you for your unused luggage space meaning you can make several hundred dollars on a round trip ticket to China! This is obviously not for everyone, but if you’re flexible and cheap, it’s really a no-brainer.

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Here’s how it works: If you’ve got two free checked bags on a trip from a major US airport to just about anywhere in China, Airmule can match you with packages and small cargo that needs to be transported to China. Wait what, you’re saying, carry random luggage? Is that legal?

Yes, everything about the service is above board and legal. When you sign up,  they will only give you items to take that are below the allowed China customs limit for entering into China or the US. They screen all the luggage and you’ll receive an manifest of what exactly you are transporting. You’ll obviously also have the option to screen and make sure you’re comfortable with goods before you check in to your flight.

Contrary to what you might think, the greatest need is for people to ‘airmule’ things from China to the US, although more and more goods are going from Beijing to the west coast, and Shanghai as well. The sign up process is simple and once you’ve got a flight between the US and CHina, you just upload the details, and they’ll contact you when you’ve matched. As of this writing, you’ll get $150 per piece of luggage that you courier for the company.

When you sign up using our link, be sure to use the code: UFT10 for a 10% bonus added to your final payment from Airmule.

Hangzhou, China

Logistically, you’ll need to plan a bit of time to meet the representative at the airport. In our experience, the whole process never added more than 15 minutes for both pick up before the flight or drop off after, but there is a human element involved, so you never know. Allotting an extra hour before your flight should be plenty, and the rep will text you to set up a meeting point and time.

If you’re still too worried about what you’re transporting, then perhaps you’ll need some other money-saving tips (keep reading). We get it, there is always the off chance something could happen, but the company does seem to take every effort to exempt you from any liability with waivers and good practices on their end. For a lively discussion and full review of the service, take a look at the article from The Points Guy, and don’t forget to read the comments for the debate.

Other money-saving tips for a trip to China

*Always subway or taxi to your hotel from the airport or train stations if possible. Never go with the hotel pickup service unless it’s free. It’s always a rip off, and your chances of being ripped off as you head to the airport taxi line are still 100% if you don’t go to the official line.

*If you’re not already subscribed to the Scott’s Cheap Flights mailing list, we highly recommend it!. It’s not like other flight deals lists from the airlines where you can never find the actual cheap prices listed. His offers always work (if you act fast), and he provides booking links so you can do sample searches and play with the dates in Google Flights. It’s not just last-minute deals where you have to start packing immediately, but you do have to decide quickly, as the sales disappear quickly!

*Download Mobike and Ofo from your local country’s app stores before you arrive. You’ll have access to the ride-share bikes that are by far the most economical (and fun!) way to get around the city and short distances between metro stops, etc. They’re also a lifesaver for the times it is impossible to get a taxi or didi.

Disclaimer: By signing up with any of the links, you’ll receive a bonus and we will potentially earn a referral fee. All opinions are our own and we have personally used this service multiple times, though accept no liability for any other user’s actions on the platform.

When you sign up using our link, be sure to use the code: UFT10 for a 10% bonus added to your final payment from Airmule.

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