New Shanghai Jogging Tour Options!

Due to popular request, we’ve decided to start offering another option for all the runners out there visiting Shanghai in need of a workout. In addition to our standard 10 km morning route, we’ve designed a slightly shortened route that still covers almost all of the sights, and clocks in at about 8 km. We’ll break that up into 5 km of jogging and 3 km of walking, in order to tailor the run to your specific level of fitness. Oh, and we’ve even dropped some of our prices, making a jogging tour of Shanghai more affordable than ever!

Of course, as always, our jogging UnTours run at your pace, so if you’re not sure if you can run the full distance, it’s no big deal! What most of our guests have been saying is that they are so distracted by all the new sights and Shanghai’s active streets, that they don’t even realize they’ve jogged a full 10 km. What a refreshing change from pounding out miles on the treadmill in a pit of boredom!

We can also add in extra sections of sprints, stairs, or any other fitness challenge you can think of! Just let us know!

As always, check out what people are saying about the jogging tours (and walking culinary tours) on our TripAdvisor page, where we’re still ranked #1! Here’s what a recent jogger, Chris, had to say: “I did the Tuesday morning run – it was a great experience to see Shanghai from this perspective. The run lasts for ca 80min, through French concession and the old parts of town. My personal highlight was to see the Chinese do their morning sports in the park… Kyle is an excellent guide and thankfully he adjusted his speed and bought (lots of) water on the way!”

Looking forward to showing everyone the best of Shanghai’s back alleys and hidden gems!

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