Jianbing Cooking Class


  • Cooking Class
  • For Adults and Children
  • 1.5-Hour Culinary Experience

Finally, a class for jianbing lovers from around the world! If you love this traditional street food and want to learn everything you need to know to successfully make them at home, this is the experience for you. During this 1.5-hour cooking class, you’ll learn how to make the famed local ‘crepe’ and explore customizations in toppings and ingredients to make it your own, all side-by-side with an expert local chef. 

We’ll start from the beginning so you’ll be able to expertly recreate the dish at home. First, you’ll learn the secret four-flour blend necessary to get just the right texture so you can create the dough you’ll use in your finished product. You’ll also fry up your own cuibing crispy wonton crackers for the crunch, master your own sauce blends, and get valuable time practicing directly on the griddle. With our recipe, you’ll have everything you need to wow your friends and family at your next brunch at home. Guests on this class also get a 25% discount on our Jianbing Making Kit!



  • Price: US$55 / RMB 385 (6 ticket min for private tours)
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • When: Contact us for private experiences and custom group events.
  • Where: Near Zhaojiabang Rd Metro. The exact meeting point will be emailed upon booking.
  • Max Group Size: 12 guests. Please contact us for large groups.
  • Inclusions: All Ingredients From Start To Finish • Chinese Beer, Soft Drinks & Bottled Water • 1.5-Hour Cooking Class • Local English-Speaking Chef • Customizations For Preparing 3 Jianbing Per Person • Welcome Packet • Awesome Bilingual Guide

It took us nearly a year to perfect the secret flour blend that makes for a just-right crispy jianbing, but we're disclosing it to all of our guests to share the crepe love!


You're in charge of your own jianbings from start to finish, from the crispy crunchy bits, to the dough blend and cooking process on the griddles. You'll be a master in no time!


Don't like cilantro/coriander? Want your bing to be super spicy? You're the boss! We'll be adding a few fun fusion ingredients as well that you can try for a new take on an old classic.


Looking for something besides the typical group meal to entertain and reward your team? We can host groups of up to 12 people! We'd love to take care of all the details and let you focus on what really matters.


This class is suitable for vegetarians and no substitutions will need to be made. 

There will be no suitable substitution for the egg in the recipe, however it is still an excellent experience to join and will not negatively impact the experience. Vegans can feel free to bring their favorite egg substitute if they want to try it!

We are not able to make substitutions for those with gluten free restrictions and/or Celiac disease a the recipe includes a blend of flours. 

These allergies have not been a problem in the past, however we cannot guarantee that the utensils and other cooking tools have not touched any of the cooking class ingredients. Please bring your epi pen or other meds to the tour if you choose to participate.