Shanghai’s Best Cat Cafe

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Shanghai’s best cat café has arrived, and it’s the cats meow. Ok, I haven’t visited any others, but there’s just no need. At Funny Cat Café Bar there are nine friendly kitties wandering the homey living room, looking for love in all the right places.

Mila is a white, smoosh-faced ball of fluff that wears an angry expression, but is probably the most cuddly of them all. She doesn’t hesitate to come over and see what you’re drinking and ask for a scratch behind the ears.

The other cats roam the room or lounge in their tower of cages or beds spread throughout the one-room coffeehouse. A select few, including an adorable kitten get a VIP bed in front of a glowing-red space heater that really does look like a slice of heaven.

The coffee is not the best you’ve ever had, but our latte was more than fine. The Wi-fi, however, is excellent compared to some of the big-name chains fulil of people, so it’s a decent place to do work, although the tables aren’t quite at the right height, and you may have a kitty that finds your keyboard to be an inviting warm bed. Did I mention my latte came in a Garfield-foot mug?

All in all, it’s definitely worth a shot for anyone looking to spend a little cuddle time with some kitties, without the commitment of actually owning one full time. You may need to be patient, it did take a few minutes for the kitties to warm up to me and come over, but many eventually did.

Located in the heart of the former French Concession area, this friendly cat-cafe is within walking distance from Tianzifang/Taikang Lu/田子坊 or the Jiashan Lu Metro stop, or the Shaanxi Nan Lu Metro Stop

Address: 263 Yongjia Lu, near Jiashan Lu. 永嘉路263号斤嘉善路。

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