How to Spend 72 Hours in Shanghai? With UnTour!

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Katie Wright of The Irish Examiner didn’t get a visa when she came to Shanghai. She took advantage of the 72 Hour Visa-Free Program and spent several of those hours with UnTour, experiencing the Hands-On Dumpling Delights food tour.

If you want to taste authentic Shanghainese food, but you don’t want to end up with traveller’s tummy, book yourself on a four-hour Untour street food sampler. All dishes are included in the price (€57) and Mandarin-speaking American guides will, crucially, explain how to eat a piping hot juice-filled pork dumpling, without giving yourself third-degree burns.

Use your time wisely in Shanghai, and book a Hands-On Dumpling Delights tour with UnTour, available every Tuesday and Saturday at 10am.

Our original dumplings tour, with a cooking class! For more than 2,000 years, Chinese chefs and home cooks have been perfecting dumplings in all their delicious bite-sized forms. Carried abroad by Silk Road travelers over the centuries, dumplings are popular around the world, but nothing tops the original! From streetside stalls frying up potstickers to a family-owned boiled dumpling spot from China’s frigid northeast, we’ll taste the best dumplings Shanghai has to offer, including the city’s famous xiaolongbao (soup dumplings). You’ll also get to try your hand at making your own shengjianbao, Shanghai’s famous pan-fried buns.

Tour ticket price includes:

– UnTour Shanghai Welcome Pack
– All food and drink during the UnTour
– Bilingual guide

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