Being a Tourist in Shanghai Without Feeling Like One

Check out this great write-up by Ctrip, the ticketing people behind the great China travel site, We did the Run This Town tour together, and here’s is just a snippet of their report!

Launched last year by expat pals Kyle Long and Jamie Barys, UnTour offers Shanghai adventures like no other. Between them, Kyle and Jamie have got seven years’ worth of Shanghai experience and they’ve put their collective expertise, knowledge and personal passions together to present a collection of off-the-beaten track eating, running and cultural explorations of the city—letting you be a tourist without feeling like one.

Aimee captures the essence of what Jamie and I have set out to do with UnTour Shanghai. Everyone wants to explore and see a new city, sample a new culture’s food, and experience what they have to offer. It’s called being a tourist and it’s awesome. We also know there are many ways to travel –  and following the crowds, standing in line, and reading guidebooks is not for everyone! And that’s where we come in…

Check out the whole piece here!

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