Staying For a Chinese New Year Shanghai Staycation? Live it up!

If you’ve been considering getting out of Shanghai on some last minute travel during the upcoming holiday, be prepared for some serious airfare STICKER SHOCK. Even relatively close places like, Seoul, Bangkok, and Beijing(?!) (which normally hover around the US$250 range for a RT ticket) are pushing towards the US$700 range. Crazy!

So, may as well stay home and splurge a little in Shanghai, right? Or take the opportunity to explore your own neighborhood street food scene a bit. Most vendors are migrants from other parts of the country, however, so expect to only see about 20% off them around (based on a very scientific survey of a few of our favorite vendors).
Ok, so back to splurging.

Stay: Ayi is totally not coming during the holiday, so once the sink gets completely full, why not head to the Puli? Their infinity pool gets rave reviews, so you’ll find us there at least one night over the holiday. Hopefully we’ll see some fireworks while sipping champagne in the pool. Totally allowed, hopefully. And they have the following killer deal – complimentary stocked mini bar? IN.

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 2.20.15 PM

Eat: Both of the following are fully booked for the 30th (like a lot of fine dining hot spots around the city), but you’ll still find some availability on surrounding dates: 1) Da Dong Duck (next to the Puli) 2) Jade Garden, the HK Michelin-starred canto behemoth that is routinely booked up (across the street). Breakfast extravagance at the Puli’s aptly titled Jing’an restaurant will also be happening. Staycation 2014 is all about Jing’An Temple neighborhood. Little secret: at the bottom of the Reel mall in the food court exists a frozen yogurt place called Crumbs that is unbelievably addictive. Every bowl is topped with ‘crumbs’ made from cinnamon sugar graham cracker bits of deliciousness.

Do: We’ve been meaning to check out the New Star Korean bathhouse for ages. The fact that they do a decent bibimbap puts it at the top of the to-do list. Fingers crossed they also have bulgogi. The only problem? Google says it’s going to be a balmy 75 degrees Fahrenheit next weekend. Crazy!

Here’s to a fun, prosperous, tasty, and healthy year of the horse!

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