Jing’an Villas Restaurants Are Totally Closed

We had hope that the closure would be temporary and that the businesses would spring back – but it seems that’s not going to be the case. Poised to become the ‘next Tianzifang’ the area was a mostly residential block with many cute shops, cafes, noodle shops, Hong Kong milk tea stores popping up in the first floor areas, as we reported last year on Culinary Backstreets.

Apparently the neighbors complained, and one shop caught fire last year and officials decided to shut it down once and for all. There is now an access gate off the main entrance on West Nanjing Road, but you can get in and wander and enjoy the area for its traditional Shanghainese architecture nestled amongst the luxury malls, offices and shops in the popular area.

Just get a bite beforehand!

Here’s a news clipping about it.

RIP Jing’An Villas, you’ll be forever in our stomachs’ memories.



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