Street Food in Xi’an

Xi’an typically rounds out any three-city China itinerary, following on the heels of Beijing and Shanghai thanks to its history as a dynastic capital and the famous Terracotta Warriors. While there are plenty of sights to see, it’s a must-stop for any foodie traveler in China. Legend has it that Shanxi – the province Xi’an is capital of – has more than 100 native noodle dishes. We spent less than 72 hours slurping our way through noodle joints and devouring the best street food Xi’an had to offer. Here’s a taste.

Pickled garlic in the Muslims Market


Hulatang with beef & lamb meatballs.
糊辣汤 hulatang (spicy pepper soup)








臊子面 Dry saozi mian (sour & spicy noodles) with a ??? roujiamo (pork sandwich)
Making 凉皮 liangpi (cold noodles) on the outskirts of the Muslim Quarter
Mung bean noodles with spicy chili oil, bean sprouts & julienned cucumber









Freshly butchered halal lamb in the Muslim Quarter
Lightly pickled lotus root with carrots and dried chili peppers
Sliced glutinous rice cakes with sesame & peanut pastes









Biangbiang mian – the character has more than 50 strokes, so you can’t even type it into a computer, but the flavors of these oil-scalded noodles are worth all that work!
Freshly cut noodles for biangbiang mian
Freshly cooked noodles for biangbiang mian











If all those noodles are making your stomach growl, head to Zhu Que Men for a taste of Xi’an in Shanghai.


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