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Essential Vocabulary for Ordering Jianbing

If you’re sick of doing the old point and grunt routine when you’re at your local jianbing vendor in China, why not take a few minutes to learn some Mandarin that will help you look like a pro. It’s time. … Read More

Where to Find Shanghai’s #1 Jianbing Stall

Where to Find Shanghai’s #1 Jianbing Stall When guides ask guests on our Shanghai Street Eats Breakfast tour which dish was their favorite, 8 out of 10 will answer jianbing 煎饼. It somehow manages to fit a multitude of descriptors into one … Read More

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UnTour’s Food Tours Ranks in Top 11 Cool Things to Do in Shanghai

When Hannah Berry George of Metro UK came to Shanghai for just 72 hours, she declared 11 Cool Things to See & Do in the City. The list ticked off some of our favorite spots in the city – Tianzifang, … Read More

Blogger Explores UnTour Shanghai’s Night Markets

Jennifer from Adventurous Appetite joined UnTour Shanghai for our Night Markets tour. Here’s a taste of what she had to say: I recently discovered a food tour group that has made this desire a bit more feasible. UnTour was founded … Read More

12 of China’s Craziest Street Foods by UnTour’s Chief Eating Officer

UnTour Shanghai’s Chief Eating Officer Jamie Barys wrote City Weekend’s cover story in February 2015, covering the weird and wonderful street foods in Shanghai you don’t see everyday. If you want to give them a try, join our Night Markets … Read More