UnTour Shanghai in NZ’s Dish Magazine

Food editor for NZ’s Dish mag and hungry traveler Claire Aldous joined UnTour Shanghai for a Street Eats – Breakfast tour earlier this year and wrote about her experience in the Oct-Nov issue of the magazine. See below for a sneak peek!

Cover of the Dish’s Oct – Nov Issue
Front page of the Shanghai story – what a beautiful blue sky day!

You may not be able to read all that fine print, so here’s an excerpt from the first paragraph:

“I’ve learnt over the years to not always assume local guides are the best. This was certainly true when I teamed up with American Kyle Long from UnTour Shanghai. I had been dissuaded from venturing into the French Concession by my local guides and felt I was missing out on seeing this beautiful area. Luckily this was exactly where Kyle and I were going to roam and we headed off early for breakfast, Shanghai-style.”

Thanks to Claire for the lovely write-up! If you’d like to sample the Street Eats – Breakfast itinerary or join us for another tour, contact us at info@untourfoodtours.com.


Shanghai Weekend Escape: Jinmen Island
Street Food in Xi'an

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