UnTour Shanghai’s Food Tours in The Arbuturian

David Constable from The Arbuturian recently joined UnTour Shanghai on a Hands-On Dumpling Delights Tour during his 72 hour whirlwind visit to Shanghai. Here’s what he had to say about his experience:

It’s the local stalls and hole-in-the-wall businesses of dumplings that overwhelmingly reveals the true Shanghai food scene. In the tiny bolthole noodle houses throughout the French Concession, there’s a communal loosening of manners as bodies hunch over steaming bowls of noodles and dumplings…and slurp.

Dumplings here are of the highest quality. They pop in the mouth as a scalding broth releases from inside and mixes with fillings of pork and flash-fried shrimp. Sometimes the soupy mix is so hot, it burns your tongue and stings like a Satan fart in your mouth, but such is the meaty-inferno taste, that you return for another.

The best way to discover Shanghai’s street food is by booking a tour. If you can latch-on to a local with a lifetime of dumpling-experience, they’ll guide you through the variable options. UnTours are well established and renowned for their use of local guides. The company was created by American and Shanghai resident Jamie Barys who, despite her Tennessee twang and southern upbringing, must surely be in the running for Shanghai’s premier Dumpling Queen? Her business card lists her occupation as “Chief Eating Officer” – ohhhh man, I want that title.

Ready to eat your way through Shanghai’s dumpling scene? Book a spot on our Hands-On Dumpling Delights tour here and you’ll sample regional varieties AND make your own with our interactive cooking class.

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