VIP Beer Drinkers – Listen Up!

Love beer? You probably already know about the second annual Shanghai International Beer Festival taking place from Oct 18-20 down at Wharf 1846. UnTour just recently found out that in addition to the 100+ beers that will be flowing all weekend, The Tap House is also hosting an exclusive VIP tent on Friday night, which is conveniently right after the “Exploring Shanghai’s Street Food Culture” talk UnTour is hosting at M on the Bund on Friday afternoon. Imagine that! So now we know how we’ll be taking the edge off our public speaking buzz: copious cold ones. Tickets are limited, and no wonder, since they include free flow craft beers, delicious bites and live entertainment. If you like your tipples with a side of education, there is also going to be a craft beer tasting bar where VIP guests rub elbows with bartenders to learn about the brewing process and the beers. Sip on some suds while learning how to home brew? Don’t mind if I do.

They’re only selling 150 tickets total (RMB 288 each), so head on down to The Tap House (72 Yongkang Lu) to pick yours up today. And remember, Ben Franklin said, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” So go be merry, people!



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