Dumplings are Indeed Delightful

The word is out on our popular new Dumpling Delights food tour! We’ve been converting groups of travelers to the ways of the Shanghai soup dumplings, and along the way sampling fried dumplings, delicious boiled dumplings from NE China, including some amazing cilantro (coriander for you Aussies) filled ones, and much more.

It’s hard to pick favorites, but a crowd pleaser has been the final stop, which features a wonton soup dumplings in a smooth and rich anise seed-laced broth, aptly titled “thousand meter fragrant dumplings.” Antique lovers have also enjoyed the old Shanghai art-deco furniture and curio shops that dot the dumpling trail and are open for perusal. It’s a Shanghai food tour for dumpling-lovers and antiquers alike.

shanghai dumpling food tour
Shanghai’s best fried dumplings!

For more information on dumpling hot spots, or to book a guided Dumpling Delights Shanghai food tour, click through to our website for the details!

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