UnTour Shanghai Launches New Weekly Tours

Starting from July 16th, we will be offering a public tour every day of the week, except Sunday. Because we’re supposed to rest on that day. (Just kidding! If you want to book the Private tour on Sunday, we’re totally available. Rest is for the weak.)

shanghai dumpling food tour
Shanghai’s best fried dumplings on our Street Eats-Morning tour ever Tuesday & Saturday!

To sweeten the deal even more, we’re continuing our Kids Eat Free promotion on all of our weekly tours. That’s right! Everyone under the age of 12 eats on us during the summer holidays.

But what does weekly tour mean, you ask? Great question. We provide a meeting spot with a detailed taxi card and meeting instructions. Prices are per person and range from RMB 200-400, depending on the tour, which is inclusive of food and non-alcoholic drinks on the tour as well as a welcome package from UnTour that includes restaurant and activity recommendations in the area. Our weekly tours are great options for small groups or solo travelers, or even bigger groups who want to meet other foodies in town! All weekly tours are capped at six people (though arrangements for bigger groups can be made upon request), so each guest is sure to have a personalized experience with plenty of guide and vendor interaction at each stop.

We Love Our UnTour Shanghai Guest Feedback
Dumplings are Indeed Delightful

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