How to Make Xiaolongbao (With Pork Gelatin Recipe Shortcuts)

One of the region’s most famous dishes, xiaolongbao (or soup dumplings), can be spotted streetside in towers of steaming bamboo baskets. The thin dumpling wrapper encases minced pork and liquified pork gelatin. To eat, you dip the dumpling in rice … Read More

Foodie Flashcards: Week 3 – Soup Dumplings

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Dumplings are Indeed Delightful

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Shanghai Ranks in Top 5 Cities for Foodies!

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The Great Xiaolongbao Debate

Xiaolongbao (or XLBs to those in the know) are southern China’s answer to the north’s delicious ji?ozi and a source of incessant in-fighting among Shanghai’s fiercest foodies. … Read More