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Christopher, Shanghai Breakfast & Dumpling & Night Eats Tour Guide


37, American

Christopher grew up in Kentucky and arrived in China in 2001. He spent the next 7 years traveling to every corner of the country in various guises. During that time, he explored the outstanding diversity in Chinese culture, picked up Mandarin, and ate everything in sight. He’s had both feet firmly planted in Shanghai since 2008. Ask him about the local improv comedy scene.

What’s your ‘other job’ and what do you love about leading food tours?

I deliver soft-skills training from multinational companies around Asia.

Traveling in China is sometimes more difficult than guests anticipated. I really like having the opportunity to add a little something extra to their experience in China, e.g. suggestions for other sites to visit, simple workarounds to make their trips easier, or even just shedding light on some oddity of life here.

What is the one restaurant that you recommend to every visitor?

I encourage visitors to try a new regional cuisine. Most have never had Yunnan, Guizhou, or Shaanxi style before, so I suggest the following more foreigner friendly options:

Where do you go when you want to escape/travel outside of SH/BJ?

Taiwan, especially the east coast. It’s accessible, empty, but still full of deliciousness.

Any areas of the city you find yourself going back to all the time, and why?

The area around Hunan Lu in the western part of the FFC because it’s so quiet. And conversely, the area between the Bund and People’s Square because it’s so full-on.

Hunan Lu

Picture from Wikimedia

What’s the best thing someone can do/read/buy to plan their trip here?

Don’t just stick to one travel resource – cross reference to get a more comprehensive understanding

What’s the first thing you eat when you’ve been away for a while?

Chongqing spicy chicken (歌乐山辣子鸡) from Yuxin


If you’ve got a free morning in Shanghai, check out our Hands-on Dumpling Delights tour – sampling all kinds of dumplings while strolling through the Former French Concession, you’ll leave very full with an excellent perception of what the local dining scene in Shanghai is all about. 


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