Are You Ready for June – Top Events in Beijing

Top Events in Beijing in June

Hello Foodies! Time flies and June is approaching. Are you ready to dive in to UnTour’s picks for the top events in Beijing next month?

The Color Run 2017

Run, crawl, walk or party your way along the course of this untimed race. You’ll get paint chucked at you at intervals along the route, all in the name of fun. Billed as ‘the happiest 5K on the planet’, this year’s Color Run features a Foam Zone full of colored bubbles and a great big paint-throwing party at the end. There’s only two rules: wear white at the beginning and finish looking like a unicorn threw up on you.

Liu Ding and Han Dong: Let's Say Goodbye!

Magician Space brings together works by artist and curator Liu Ding and poet Han Dong for the first time. Marking a dialogue spanning two decades, the exhibition explores the affinities between two friends. Although separated by generation and discipline, they share many common aesthetic and conceptual approaches within their work.
Fragments have been selected from an extensive body of work between the two with a focus towards moments of rupture – techniques common to both Liu Ding and Han Dong – as they look to describe and perceive the people and events around them.

The New Normal: China, Art, and 2017

UCCA, Beijing’s most esteemed private institution for contemporary art, has a major group show that’s worth a look. The New Normal starts with the question, ‘What is the place of art in China today?’. It attempts an answer by way of showcasing new work from more than 20 artists from China and elsewhere.

The exhibition title refers to an official PRC euphemism introduced in 2015 to describe China’s breakneck technological and economic acceleration. The show’s Chinese title translates to ‘State of exception’, ‘a political situation in which the normal laws and regulations of a society are abruptly suspended’.

100 Days of Summer

From May 26, the 100 days of Summer Barbeque returns to JW Marriott Hotel’s Asia Bistro restaurant. Indulge in sumptuous barbeque creations and handcrafted summer mojitos and draft beer while listening to live music from Asia Bistro’s new in-house band ISK Band. Each guest will also get the chance to win sunglasses provided by Haze Collection by participating in live WeChat games. (To make a reservation, give a call to 5908 8511.)

Father's Day Brunch

Treat your dad on Father’s Day with brunch at Conrad Beijing’s Chapter restaurant. With roasted meats, grilled seafood and sushi, there’s sure to be something for even the fussiest of dads.
*If you want to treat your dad with an authentic local food tour, check out our Beijing Hutong Breakfast tour – sampling the most authentic and delicious snacks that are hiding in plain sight, you’ll leave very full with an excellent perception of what the local dining scene in Beijing is all about. 
Are You Ready for June - Top Events in Shanghai
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