Beijing Restaurants

5 Must-Try Themed Restaurants in Beijing

If you’ve checked all the boxes of your traditional dinners out in Beijing, maybe it’s time to look a little further afield for some fresh experiences. Everyone loves a themed dinner party, right? Why not take the idea to the … Read More

Beijing’s Top Five ‘Time-honored Restaurants’

Over the eight centuries since Beijing was first established as China’s capital, the city’s history has been interwoven with stories of the rise and fall of emperors, dynasties, movements and great houses. While many of these stories from the imperial … Read More

Boiled Coke With Ginger

I found this tasty drink at Cha’s Diner, a Hong Kong-style gem in Shanghai. Literally everything is good on the menu but this was still a tasty surprise for a dreary winter day. Go check it out! Or join UnTour … Read More