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Chinese Aphrodisiacs

With the most commercially romantic day of the year just behind us, Saveur has a great slideshow of the top international aphrodisiacs, but read on to find out what the Chinese use to get their mojo going. … Read More

Types of Chinese Tea

Types of Chinese Tea The leaves used to make all types of tea come from the same plant, Camellia sinensis.After being harvested, the leaves are then processed and oxidised to create so many different types of the beverage that one ancient … Read More

Chinese Tea Master

In recent years, Chinese tea has crossed oceans with more regularity as orders from foreigners come flying in, fuelled by scientific studies linking tea consumption with a host of health benefits. But for the lucky residents of Shanghai, we’re just … Read More

Eating Your Way to Health With Traditional Chinese Medicine

Foods that claim “scientifically-proven” medicinal benefits have had a rough week in the American press. Dannon’s line of Activia got the FTC smackdown after the brand’s assertion that its yogurt offered health benefits from promoting regularity to preventing cold and … Read More