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Where to Eat in Chengdu

Love spicy food? Sichuan is the province to beat in China for fiery fare. The region’s ideal geographical features make it a perfect site for foraging and growing great produce, and UNESCO recognized the the city as a “City of Gastronomy” in … Read More

Shanghai’s Food Streets are Wildly Underrated!

Awhile back, CNNGo released an article on the best food streets in Asia. A great list, and one UnTour Shanghai will be sure to use when we’re traveling around the region, but we were disheartened to see that Shanghai didn’t … Read More

Appetite for China Is On The Hunt

One of our favorite bloggers, Diana Kuan, is on the hunt for delicious Chinese dining destinations stateside! … Read More

What Not To Eat in China

Western press is rife with mentions of KFC’s and McDonald’s meteoric rise in China’s grab-and-go dining culture, but don’t buy the hype. … Read More

Chinese Tomato & Eggs

We love They Draw and Cook, and now they’ve illustrated one of our favorite homestyle Chinese recipes! … Read More