We Love our Culinary Tour Guests!

…And we’re not sure if these Foodie UnTourists enjoy eating or hanging out with Jamie more.

Jamie really knows the best little vendors in Shanghai! We spent two hours learning about a variety of different dishes as we watched vendors make their specialties for us. She explained what we were eating and ordered for us. I would never have tried some of the incredible noodles, dumplings, or breakfast pancakes on my own, but this tour was one of the best things I did my entire trip!! – Megan

Having a few days in Shanghai on the back end of a business trip, I contacted Untour for a morning foodie experience. Jamie met me at my hotel and off we went for a morning of Shanghai street culture, food and insight. 8 stops throughout the morning at vendors where; 1 – She knew the vendor, 2 – explained what was the cooking process, 3 – made sure it was just perfect and 4 – made sure I did not eat to much, ’cause we have a long way to go!!! This is a Must Do experience. The immersion into the food culture is perfect for language challenged tourists. A very special experience, and the highlight of my trip! – Steve

“Don’t eat before taking this fantastic streetfood tour. In fact: don’t eat the day before. You will get food, glorious food, lots of food and then some more. Jamie will bring you to some lovely buzzing streetfood stalls in the French Concession area. She clearly knows what she is talking about, being the food critic for one of Shanghai’s English language magazines, Talk – and she loves the stuff. It is by far one of the best introductions to the city’s food one could wish for.” -Meike

Thanks everyone! Nom nom nom…

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