Tour Photography Winners (Updated)

Share the foodie photo love. We invite our guests to upload their photos from their food tour on social media (Instagram @UnTourFoodTour FB: UnTourFoodTours or on WeChat moments and we’ll choose our weekly favorite to send a free tour voucher. Finally, a real reason to take photos of your food. See below for all of our UnTourist Foodie Tour Winners.

June 2018 Winners

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We LOVE this shot from our Beijing Hutong Breakfast guest IG: @camillemaja. Towards the end of the route, we stop by a humble stall serving kao leng mian (烤冷面). It truly is a revelation of flavors, due to the lovely combination of savoury sauces, coriander and much more.


The proprietor behind our last stop on the Old Beijing Dinner Tour  is, how do we say this, a bit of a legend. WuGe’s got a rather legendary tattoo (which he likes to show our guests), and more importantly, an epic recipe for chicken wings that will really knock your socks off. Book a tour to get the whole scoop!


May 2018 Winners

There’s not much better to do on a layover in Beijing than do a Beijing Hutong breakfast tour! Thanks for sharing the tips on what to do on a Beijing China layover, and most importantly, for sharing your awesome photo series Instagram user @mcqgirl!

You need to #Untour for breakfast

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We love an imperative command from a loyal guest, and we too definitely think you need to UnTour for breakfast. Check out these great shots of Street Eats Breakfast in Shanghai for a tasty preview of what to expect. Thanks IG user @monicamanila for sharing!

Sometimes the food photography is almost as good as the food itself! We love this collage of photos from our newly-relaunched Shanghai Night Eats route. Check out IG user @peta.e.smith for even more awesome food shots from her travels in Shanghai. Thanks for sharing!

Sounds like a good idea @untourfoodtour

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Lining up the drinks on the lazy susan is always a good idea! On the Shanghai Night Eats route we sample all sorts of drinks, from local yellow wine, to several different beer brands, and even China’s famous firewater, baijiu. It’s a night you’re not likely to forget (unless you drink a little too much, of course). Thanks IG user @ryzhova for uploading the shots!

April 2018 Winners


Love this shot of our delicious BiangBiang noodles on our Old Beijing Dinner tour from @thegeekytraveler. So meta! Thanks for sharing.

Absolutely gorgeous shot of one of our all-time favorite foods – jianbing 煎饼. You just can’t beat this food, found here on our Beijing Hutong Breakfast food tour. Thanks for posting on Instagram@becveitch! 

Check out a great series of photos by @rookie.foodie.cook over on her Instagram account from our Old Beijing Dinner tour. She really captured the culinary trek through Beijing’s hutongs.

We LOVE this shot from our Shanghai Street Eats Breakfast tour from IG user somewhereinshanghai. She says: “A vendor cools a soon to be devoured egg waffle before putting it in the bag. What a great way to round off a morning of being introduced to Shanghainese treats by @untourfoodtour (even if egg waffles, we were told, apparently are from Hong Kong). Well, credit where credit is due, we say.


March 2018 Winners

 Thanks to Ig user @volty60 for sharing the series from the Old Beijing Dinner tour. Our latest addition to the tour is an amazing stop to try a flight of five infused, artisanal rice wines, hidden in a back alley courtyard. Fully legit.

  Instagram user @whatsthemishtery shared this awesome series of photos from our Beijing Hutong Breakfast tour. We love this stop for its range of steamed buns as well as great soymilk (豆浆 dòujiāng)and crullers (油条 yóutiáo) offerings.

February 2018 Winner

Instgram user @epitomy captured this excellent time lapse video of our Kao Lengmian 烤冷面 vendor whipping up his incredibly delicious specialty. Find it on our Beijing Hutong Breakfast tour!

January 2018 Winners


December 2017 Winners


Such a lovely, sultry Mongolian-style hotpot from our Old Beijing Dinner Tour. Thanks @venessap

Loving this Old Beijing Dinner tour collection by @wasinct on Instagram

Thanks for sharing this Shanghai Night Eats tour photo on IG @kchuckd!

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